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Sask Sport welcomes new chair and board members

Angela Pinnay
Photo of Angella Pinay

Angella Pinay was elected Chair of Sask Sport Inc. at the organization’s Annual General Meeting on June 19.

Pinay has been a member of Sask Sport’s Board of Directors since 2018, when she was nominated by the Saskatchewan Soccer Association. At the AGM, the sport federation’s membership also elected four new members to its Board of Directors:

  • Valerie Gordon, nominated by Sask High School Athletic Association
  • Cornelia Laliberte, nominated by Prairie Central District for Sport, Culture and Recreation Inc.
  • Janelle Layton, nominated by Saskatchewan Soccer Association
  • Michael Rogers, nominated by Sport Medicine and Science Council of Saskatchewan

“We know that sport does so much to enhance the quality of life within this province and contributes to healthy lifestyles for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Thank you for everything you do to bring amateur sport to people and communities throughout Saskatchewan.”

Outgoing Chair, Kenric Exner