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More than a logo: Sask Lotteries unveils new branding

Sask Lotteries Logo

After more than 30 years, Sask Lotteries is getting a refreshed look.

The organization, which serves as the main fundraiser for more than 12,000 sport, culture and recreation groups in the province, has introduced an updated brand and visual identity.

The initiative includes a new logo for the organization, as well as a continued pledge to provide Saskatchewan residents with a real, honest chance at winning and a guarantee of supporting your community.

“Sask Lotteries has a proud history within the province and we are excited to team up with our partners in Sask Sport, Sask Culture and the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association in reminding everyone about the incredible positive impact this fundraiser has,” said Jessie Buydens, the volunteer board vice-chair for Sask Lotteries.

“The new Sask Lotteries brand will help us to convey the integrity of our organization, as well as the excitement of lotteries and the thousands of sport, culture and recreation experiences made possible by lottery funding. In the coming months, our new look will begin to appear at events and retail locations across the province, where it will support our ongoing efforts to grow our fundraiser and provide continued support for thousands of non-profit organizations across Saskatchewan.”

Sask Sport spruces up

Sask Sport

Sask Sport is also unveiling its own refreshed brand and visual identity. Sask Sport operates Sask Lotteries as the main fundraiser for sport, culture and recreation in the province, and serves as the federation for amateur sport in the province. The brands complement each other as a way to illustrate the connection between the Sask Lotteries fundraiser and amateur sport in Saskatchewan.

In the coming months, both the Sask Lotteries and Sask Sport websites will be refreshed to reflect the new brands and provide a better experience for users looking for information. Sask Lotteries logo files and brand guidelines – as well as additional information about the province’s lottery-funded sport, culture and recreation system – are available at sasklotteries.ca.