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Inclusive language, inclusive space 

Safe space in sport ensures that athletes, staff, coaches and all participants can have a positive team experience. When someone feels like they can be their authentic selves, they can perform their best. 

Be the action that leads to a positive and safe sport environment. 

One of the ways to create a safe and inclusive sport environment is by using inclusive and affirming language. Coaches, athletes and sport organizations can introduce inclusive language to team settings, which will help make all participants feel included.  

  • CoachNB offers a coaches guide to supporting an inclusive space within sport
  • Egale.ca has various resources on inclusivity, including a dos and don’ts reference list with common terms 

As team leaders, it is important that inclusive language is used during all times. Cheer coach, Eric Bestvater shared his perspective on this topic with further insight provided by fellow coach and Sport. It’s More Than A Game ambassador, Claire Dore – read their full story