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2023 Pan American Games commence in Santiago this week

Over the past few months, 473 athletes have had their names be announced as part of Team Canada for the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games starting this week. 

Occurring a year prior to the Olympic Summer Games, the Pan Am Games occur every four years and are taking place for the first time since 2019, when it was held in Lima, Peru. The Opening Ceremonies are set for Oct. 20 and will introduce the commencement of the competitions. 

There are 14 athletes, one coach and three mission and support staff  attending the Games with ties to Saskatchewan spanning 12 different teams and 11 sports. 


  • Tristian Moran, Archery 
  • Blaire McDowell, Women’s Water Polo 
  • Brody McKnight, Men’s Water Polo 
  • Carissa Norsten, Women’s Rugby 7s 
  • Richard McBride, Shooting 
  • Ashley Leugner, Wakeboard 
  • Tammara Thibeault, Boxing 
  • Kenzie Priddell, Artistic Swim 
  • Sydney Carroll, Artistic Swim 
  • Rylan Wiens, Diving 
  • Nikole Todd, Squash 
  • Fynn Fafard, Fencing 
  • Blake Tierney, Swimming 
  • Kelsey Wog, Swimming 


  • Lisa Borgerson – Shooting 


  • Jan Hanson, Mission Staff, Media Attache – Racquet Ball 
  • Lisa Hoffart, Mission Staff, Mental Health Lead – Team Canada 
  • Graham Olson, Support Staff – Race Analysis  

For full coverage, results and further information, visit cscs-sask.ca 

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