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Women in Sport Breakfast held in Saskatoon

Paralympic snowboarder Lisa DeJong, Olympic hockey player Emily Clark, Olympic hockey official Alexandra Clarke, high performance soccer coach Jennie Waldner and national-team physio and athletic therapist Rhonda Shishkin highlighted the Women in Sport Breakfast hosted by celebrity guest emcee Tara Slone.

Quotes from the panelists

“Just bringing light to some of the challenges we think about as women in sport that maybe men don’t. It’s amazing all the women that are here and the boys that get to hear these conversations, it’s so important to bring those to light. Being a woman in hockey, often we’re asked about the future of our entire sport over our individual performance.”

  • Emily Clark, 2022 Olympic gold medallist with the Canadian women’s hockey team

“I think it’s great to have a diverse audience talking about women in sport. For everyone to understand the struggles and the thinks we are going through. Especially for the men to encourage the women in their life in sport.”

  • Lisa DeJong, 2022 Paralympic silver medallist in Para snowboard

“I would highlight how important representation is. Having these conversations opens (people) up to different perspectives and opens them up to the idea that maybe that someone who is a mom still wants to do something other than just being a mom.”

  • Alex Clarke, Olympic hockey official and first woman to officiate in the Western Hockey League

“It’s important that women support other women and the benefit of having other people supporting them. I also think it’s important that women’s voices are heard. To hear the stories and to hear the successes, I think that allows all generations to see it and see that it is possible. If we can have these opportunities to have those conversations, then the younger generations can see the opportunities are limitless regardless of your gender.”

  • Rhonda Shishkin, national team physio and athletic therapist

“The women on this stage represent a whole lot of women that have come before us. A lot of hard work and a lot of tears in a lot of our decisions that have been made based on societies norms and the pressures that we feel as women in sport. There’s a lot of women here that look to us as role models. I encourage everyone to be brave and take that jump and reach out to women like us.”

  • Jennie Waldner – high performance soccer coach

The Women in Sport Breakfast followed the Saskatchewan Sport Awards, held the night prior on Jan. 26. The annual awards program celebrates the achievements and dedication of individuals in Saskatchewan’s amateur sports community in 2022.