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Sask Sport welcomes new chair, board members

Sask Sport Board of Directors 2019 AGM

Sask Sport has a new Chair — as well as four new volunteer board members — following the organization’s Annual General Meeting.

At the June 15 meeting in Regina, Kenric Exner was elected Chair. Exner has been a member of Sask Sport’s Board of Directors since 2017, when he was nominated by the Saskatchewan Hockey Association.

He replaces Leslie Blyth as Chair.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our members for their outstanding efforts, as well as all of the volunteers who contribute to amateur sport,” Leslie Blyth, who will continue to serve as Past Chair, told the sport federation’s membership at the Annual General Meeting.

“All of you play a crucial role in developing and delivering quality sport for people and communities across Saskatchewan. Sask Sport’s key accomplishments from this past year are largely a result of your teamwork and passion for sport.”  

New faces on board

Exner is joined on the Board of Directors by four new board members, who were all elected to three-year terms:

  • Julie Brandt (Saskatchewan Games Council)
  • Lance Dudar (Triathlon Saskatchewan)
  • Murray Stroeder (CURLSASK)
  • Kim Wudrick (Football Saskatchewan)

Sask Sport thanks the outgoing board members who completed their terms: Misty Alexandre (Saskatchewan Hockey Association), Todd Hollinger (University of Regina) and Darren Wilcox (Saskatchewan Hockey Association).  In total, the Board of Directors consists of 13 volunteer board members who help frame Sask Sport’s values, vision and mission and identify the priority needs of the organization’s members.