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Sport Development Strategic Plan

Saskatchewan’s amateur sport system encompasses more than 330,000 registered participants, over 6,000 local teams, clubs and leagues, almost 28,000 trained coaches and more than 14,000 certified officials.

It is important that the sport system continues to work together to ensure Saskatchewan residents can enjoy the many benefits and opportunities of sport.

Building on the 2013-16 Sport Development Strategic Plan, Sask Sport has developed a new plan that will chart the course to maximize both sport participation and excellence, as well as other contributions that sport can make to our society.

About the plan

The planning renewal process took into account the priorities and concerns of Sask Sport’s members and affiliates to support the growth and development of sport throughout the province.

The 2017-21 Strategic Plan reaffirms the Sport Federation’s commitment to being leaders in building Saskatchewan. It is intended to be a guiding document and a point of reference for sport organizations.

It addresses the needs of our changing province — from the significant shift in demographics, to increasing levels of inactivity and unhealthy lifestyles, to rising participating costs and to the changing face of volunteerism.

This plan provides the framework that is required to align strategies to enhance collaboration and provide increased sport opportunities. The complete document is available below.