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New Athlete Pathways SIRCuit

Information to enhance athlete development and safe sport programming.

Women Coaches Research Series & Report Card

Review research and report cards from the Tucker Center in collaboration with the Alliance of Women Coaches.

Canadian Women and Sport Resources

Access publications, research, tools and case studies from Canadian Women & Sport.

Officials’ Development Task Force Report

A report from the Officials’ Development Task Force examining issues affecting officials’ development in Saskatchewan. It provides summary assessments of the following key issues: recruiting officials, retaining officials, training and development of officials, abuse of officials and interest in a province-wide multi-sport officials organization.

Referee Pathway to Success

The Saskatchewan Soccer Association Referee Pathway to Success outlines the various options available to a referee to start and continue their officiating career.

Referee Development Best Practices

The Saskatchewan Soccer Association (SSA) is committed to referee development in the province. To that end, the SSA put forward a number of recommendations and best practices in 2013 in order to accomplish its long-term objectives.