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Nominations for inaugural North American Indigenous Athletics Hall of Fame class due Jan. 21


The North American Indigenous Athletics Hall of Fame (NAIAHF) honors and recognizes the indigenous sport cultures of Canada and the United States by recognizing outstanding leadership and achievement in individual and team athletics. The inaugural induction will be made with support from established provincial, state and national hall of fames. In addition, several others will be inducted as well. By honoring and celebrating the empowered journey of these individuals and teams, the hope is their stories may inspire future generations to follow their dreams in athletics and life.

Nomination Process:

The inaugural 2022 nomination deadline is listed below. Nominations are accepted for individuals or teams in the following categories:

• Athlete

• Team

• Coach

• Builder

• Media

• Official

Inductee eligibility:

Inductees are recognized and honored, past and present, as Indigenous to North America including but not limited to Tribal, First Nation, Métis, Inuit including federally recognized and self-identified descendant in the listed categories throughout the year. The inductee’s credentials need to include being at the highest state, provincial, region, national or international sport recognition, and/or being recognized in college or professional athletic realms. To receive a nomination form or for additional information, contact Dr. Dan Ninham at 218.368.6430 (text preferred) or dan.ninham@rlnc.edu. The 2022 nomination deadline is noon central time on January 21, 2022.

Induction Recognition:

There will be a virtual banquet recognition to be determined. There will not be a hall of fame facility or in person awards banquet. The stories of the inductees will be produced in online print and video in addition to being in a curriculum to be provided to schools and recreation communities.

The induction announcement will be made on February 1st, 2022 for the inaugural induction class of 2022.