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Saskatchewan Child Abuse Protocol

The Saskatchewan Child Abuse Protocol demonstrates a commitment by the Government of Saskatchewan to ensure that all efforts to protect children from abuse and neglect are integrated, effective and sensitive to the needs of children.

To achieve this goal, all police, professionals and organizations are being asked to collaborate with the Government of Saskatchewan in an effort to prevent, detect, report, investigate and prosecute cases of child abuse and support children who have been abused.

Although there will be many people in our sport community who are familiar with, or who already using, programs that build awareness and resources to help keep kids safe, such as Respect in Sport, we ask that you pass along this information to reinforce the protocol to ensure that instructors, coaches and leaders in our communities are aware of their “duty to report” suspicions of child abuse.

The Child and Family Services Act (Section 12, Subsection 1 and 4) states that every person who has reasonable suspicion to believe that a child may be in need of protection shall report the information to a child protection worker, Ministry of Social Services, First Nations Child and Family Services Agency or Police officer.