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Dispute Resolution Policies and Procedures

Sask Sport membership conditions require Active and Affiliate Members to have Dispute Resolution and Harassment and Abuse policies and procedures.

The purpose of this membership condition is to place our members in a position to manage or mitigate discipline concerns, complaints, dispute resolution or appeals using recognized fair and due process.

To support this requirement, Dispute Resolution and Harassment and Abuse policy templates and procedures had been developed by Sask Sport to assist our members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Policy suite

Since implementing these mandatory Dispute Resolution policies and processes a few years ago, there has been increased knowledge and more efficient practices developed. Interest was expressed in having Sask Sport investigate updating these polices and processes to reflect current best practices to guide them when such situations arise. Sask Sport worked alongside Sport Law & Strategy Group out of Toronto to develop and recommend updated, comprehensive, user-friendly policies and procedures.

The Dispute Resolution policy suite now consists of the following mandatory policy and procedure components:



  • The Code of Conduct Policy is to replace the former Harassment and Abuse Policy, as well as being inclusive and encompassing of all types of behaviors under one policy, and to be in effect for the Board of Directors, committees, other volunteers, coaches, managers, officials, parents and spectators.
  • The Dispute Resolution Complaints and Appeals Supplement provides relevant information when entering into a formal dispute process. This supplement compliments the processes recommended through the “Discipline and Complaints Policy” and “Appeals Policy” templates and associated flowcharts provided.