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National Coaches Week

This week-long celebration promotes the positive impact that coaches have on athletes and communities. It gives these largely volunteer, integral leaders of Canadian sport a simple thanks. The Coaches Association of Canada coined the term “Thanks Coach” to show appreciation to this group.


In Saskatchewan:

19,000 trained coaches work with 320,000 registered participants on 6,000 different local teams, clubs and leagues.

In Canada:

1.8 million Canadians have received coach training and 1 in 7 Canadians will coach at some point in their lives.


Use social media to say thanks

  • Use the hashtags #ThanksCoach and #CoachesWeek.
  • Send one of your coaches a ‘thank you’ message.
  • Post a video of you thanking your coach, and then challenge other teammates to follow suit!
  • Post your favourite photo of you and your coach, including a ‘thank you’ caption.

Host your own #CoachesWeek event

  • Organize a special practice where you say #ThanksCoach.
  • Host a National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) workshop.
  • Have a special awards ceremony to say ‘thanks’ to all of the coaches from your club.

Be creative

  • Hand make a card, and list all of the ways that your coach has helped you.
  • Make a poster with your team and hang it in your community.
  • Download Coaches Week material to help celebrate