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Board of Directors Nominations

General Information for Potential Sask Sport Board Members

All employees of Sask Sport Inc., SaskCulture, Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association, their associated partners and subsidiaries and any person who receives the majority of his/her income from an organization that is eligible to receive direct or indirect funding from the Sask Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation and whose work involves providing services and/or programs in sport, culture and recreation, shall not be eligible for election to the Board of Directors of Sask Sport Inc. (Bylaw 3.3.1)

Board/Committee Meetings
There are six Board meetings and additional Committee meetings during the year.

Conflict of Interest Policy (excerpt)
All directors of Sask Sport are expected to arrange their private affairs in a manner that will prevent both a conflict of interest and an appearance of a conflict of interest. Directors should not place themselves in a position of obligation to any person who could gain any special treatment from Sask Sport. Directors should not have a monetary or other interest that could conflict or appear to conflict in any manner with the discharge of their duties and responsibilities as a director of Sask Sport.

Copies of the Bylaws and Board of Directors Policies and Procedures Manual are available from Sask Sport.

The deadline to submit nominations is June 8.