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Annual General Meeting Registration

The Sask Sport Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday, June 15, 2023 at 1:30 p.m.

Each member organization is requested to register for the Sask Sport Annual General Meeting prior to May 16, 2023. Member organizations are encouraged to register volunteer delegates.

Sask Sport Membership Voting

Active Members are entitled to two votes. (Bylaws 1.1.1)
  1. Associations which govern the circumstances of a particular sport activity and are the provincial authority recognized by their National Sport Organization, or
  2. Provincial multi-sport or multi-service organizations that contribute to sport through the provision of core services that meet the needs of the provincial sport community, and that play a provincial leadership role through their expertise and capacity in that core service area.

Active members shall have two (2) votes at all Sask Sport membership meetings.

Affiliate Members are entitled to one vote. (Bylaws 1.1.2)

Sport, Culture and Recreation Districts who are actively involved in coordinating and facilitating sport programs and services for the distinct geographic area they serve. Affiliate members shall have one (1) vote at all Sask Sport membership meetings.

Associate Members do not have a vote. (Bylaws 1.1.3)

Associations who wish to contribute to or be associated with amateur sport, but do not directly conduct or regulate sport activities, and they shall have no vote.

Annual General Meeting Registration Form